The Right Fireplace For Your Home


The Right Fireplace For Your Home

Electric fireplace suites are becoming the new fashion. In 2017, sales are expected to grow rapidly as more and more people are starting to realise that electric fireplaces are not just cheaper to buy and run but, they are also a lot better for your health and don’t give off any harmful fumes like a real fireplace. With the amount of designs you can now choose from, it can be hard to choose the right one for you!

Below, I have listed 3 different home styles and what kind of fireplace would best fit them. Whatever style you have, there is an electric fireplace suite out there that will match it. Fireplaces come with the simplest, most outrageous or the classiest of designs so matching it to your homes style can be easy if you know what to look for.


With a modern property, a clean, white or cream, stylish type of fireplace is more popular. Keeping up with the modern style is ideal so that your fireplace will compliment your items that surround it. Modern homes are often spacious with little clutter, this means that an electric fireplace can be any shape or size. A wall mounted electric fireplace is popular for a modern home as it keeps it stylish and in with the times.


A traditional property is a home that follows a style of the past. Keeping your home traditional is important as placing a modern fireplace in a traditional home can mean it stands out, and often not in a good way. A more standard, chrome or brass, traditional fireplace would be the best option for a traditional styled home.


Rural properties are homes that are often more cluttered but very homely, like a farmhouse. Rural homes often have open log fireplaces but if they don’t, purchasing a real open fireplace and having it installed can be a costly thing. Buying an electric fireplace for your rural home has never been easier as the best styles to look for are often the darker, cosier fireplaces, which are very popular in the fireplace world.

Best outdoor fireplaces and where to look for them

outdoor fireplace designs

Best outdoor fireplaces and where to look for them

Fireplaces have been around since the 1980’s and have steadily become more popular. Fireplaces, over the years, have improved in terms of their looks, their heat and their efficiency. There are so many different outdoor fireplaces around today that you will be spoilt for choice.

With online stores, local speciality retailers and even home improvement stores providing many different designs, you are able to choose which best fits your outdoor living space. Outdoor fireplaces were designed to give you the warmth and the pleasure that a real fireplace gives, just without the cost being so high.

How to choose the best outdoor fireplace for you

When choosing what outdoor fireplace is best for you can be tough, especially when you have so many to choose from, they all look attractive and the shapes and sizes are so varied. Deciding whether to build your own or buy one ready made, have a gas, electric or propane fireplace and what make, model and style to have can be time consuming and often stressful too.

When choosing a fireplace, you should always take into consideration the size of your back garden as this will determine the size of the fireplace you need. If you are limited to space, a smaller sized outdoor fireplace is your only option, whereas with a big garden, you can choose from a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Where to look?

When you’re actively looking for an outdoor fireplace, always be sure it’s the right choice before you purchase. Whether you are looking on an online outdoor fireplace shop or you are looking in an outdoor fireplace showroom, make sure the choice you make is right. Look for places that offer the type of fireplace you are looking for in the certain shape and size you want it in. Often, fireplaces companies have certain ways of working to so always ensure you are in the right hands.

What you should know about an outdoor fireplace

outdoor stone fireplace

What you should know about an outdoor fireplace

Are you currently deciding whether or not to upgrade your outdoor space? If you are looking into having an electric fireplace outside, then the best thing to do is to find out everything you need to know beforehand. Luckily, I have created this blog and filled it with all the information you need to know about an outdoor electric fireplace, you’re welcome!

Why would I need an outdoor electric fireplace?

If you like to spend time outside, enjoying your back garden, why not enjoy it and stay warm at the same time? An electric fireplace can give you the benefits of being warm and cosy in your back garden but without breaking the bank.

Where should I put it?

When deciding on where to place your electric fireplace, the most important part is to find out where the power outlet can be put. An electric fireplace is different to a wood burning fireplace because unlike a wood burning fireplace, it needs a power source in order to work. An electric fireplace can be located in two places, first location being adjacent to your power outlet and the second location being plugged in via an extension cord.

What must I be aware of?

When you are having an electric outdoor fireplace in your back garden, you must consider placing it somewhere that is weatherproof. Most electric outdoor fireplaces are built to withstand all weather conditions, some are intended for use in sheltered areas.

When you decide to purchase

So, when you’re choosing where to place your outdoor electric fire, make sure you think it all through first. Make sure you find where the safer spot is and if you’re unsure, seek advice. There are many business that would be happy to help you with your concerns but whoever you brought the fireplace off is more than likely the best place to ask.

Not ready to go indoors yet?

bespoke outdoor fireplace

Not ready to go indoors yet?

When summer is over, Autumn comes and the weather changes. From being sunny each day to being more cloudy, cooler and the colours of the world change from lucious greens to bright oranges, crisp browns and deep reds. This is the time where you start to pack up your barbecues, fold up the deck chairs and keep them hidden in your shed until next year.

As winter starts to creep in, people tend to hibernate indoors, curled up by their fireplaces with their warm drinks and gaze through the window wishing there was more they could do than just sit indoors, this is where outdoor fireplaces come in. Outdoor fireplaces provide you with the beauty of being warm and cosy whilst enjoying the beautiful outdoors and the shining stars above you.

Why choose to have an outdoor fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace is the best way to sit outside and enjoy a warm evening. If you like to sit outdoors, relax and be warm like you would in the summer months, an outdoor fireplace is perfect. As well as the outdoor fireplaces providing you with benefits such as warmth, it also provides you with a lot more than that.

An outdoor fireplace gives you a focal point for your garden. A focal point is always important to have as it is what everything else surrounds. The furniture you have in your living room, all surrounds something, more often than not, that something is a fireplace and the same applies to your outdoor space.

Why is it so important to make the right choice?

A focal point is what you will always notice first when you walk into a room or out into the garden, so making sure it is the right choice is very important. If you choose the wrong fireplace and it doesn’t go with your current style, is too big or too small for its surroundings or if you don’t look the fireplace at all, then that will be more than likely what you look at every time you go outside, so make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

What to use for an outdoor fireplace; stone or brick?

stone outdoor fireplace

What to use for an outdoor fireplace; stone or brick?

Are you looking to build an outdoor fireplace or have one built for you? Are you unsure of what materials to use to build the outdoor fireplace? Well, look no further! In this blog, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two main materials used, stone and brick.

Stone and brick are the two most popular materials to use when building a fireplace, especially when it’s being built outdoors. This is because their advantages are a lot better than most other materials and they also provide you with very beautifully structured fireplaces. Although they are considered the best to use, they both have their own advantages and disadvantages.



People go for stone built fireplaces as it is very attractive to look at and gives off a rustic design. Stone veneers are popular because they require very little maintenance and can last 100’s of years. With stone coming in various shapes and sizes, you can really make the design of your fireplace look unique.

With stone, each one comes in slightly different colours too so you can really make it different. Each fireplace can be completely unique when using stone because of the variety of stones you get, no one fireplace will ever be exactly the same.


The disadvantage of having a stone fireplace is there is a wide price range. You can choose from manufactured stones or natural stone, you can go for a rare material or a more common material, making the overall price different for each one you choose.

Secondly, the installation process is more than your typical brick builds as the labour is more intense. As the shapes of each stone are different and irregular, it takes a builder more time and precision to complete the build.



The best thing about having a brick outdoor fire built is that the installation process is fairly easy. Due to the bricks size and shape, it makes the stacking of them easy and very geometrical. As it is so easy for bricks to be laid, it can be a job for anyone who knows the first thing about building, in other words, you don’t need to be a genius (unless you want it fancy… then you may need some expert help).

Although the shapes and sizes of bricks are the same, the textures and colours of bricks can be a little different, but not the the extent of stone colours.


Although bricks don’t require a lot of work, they need more maintenance than stone does. As well as this, brick is easy and cheaper, which unfortunately makes it a very common material to use for building. For some people, being common isn’t a disadvantage but for others, it’s a big problem. If you’re looking for a more unique and distinct outdoor fireplace, brick is definitely not the material choice for you.

Real outdoor fireplaces vs electric outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplaces

Real outdoor fireplaces vs electric outdoor fireplace

With a real outdoor fireplace compared to an electric outdoor fire, there are certain measures you have to take first. Depending on how big the fireplace you want is or where it will stand, you may have to get planning permission for it which means more cost and maybe a long wait.

Also, the cost of keeping a real fireplace lit can be challenging. To light the fire, you must have certain materials to do it and also have enough materials to keep it going for however long you like. With the safety side of it, a real fireplace produces real flames making it important that someone’s eyes are on it at all times in case the fire spits.

Electric fireplaces are basically, electric heaters. But with technology and design, they have been created into beautiful, jaw dropping fireplaces that produce the same heat a real fireplace can produce, by simply plugging the fireplace into a wall. What makes an electric fireplace different to a real fireplace is its design.

With an electric fireplace, you can have whatever design you like, place it wherever you like (so long as you create a power source near it) and you can also benefit from choosing from different features. These features include pebbles, logs, coal and wood, making it easy to buy a fireplace design of your choice and easily matching it to your homes current decor.

Everyone loves being cosy and having the ability to be cosy whilst in your garden is a real big thing for most people. Having an electric fire outside can change the whole atmosphere and really bring your back garden to life.

You can achieve all of this without having planning permission, without spending thousands on building, building materials and labour and also, without having to supply a real fire with materials to keep the fire burning. All you need is a power supply and an electric fire, it’s that simple.